Thursday, January 8, 2009

Proud to be part of the Satyam company.

The day before all this mayhem started, all employees of Satyam were proud to be called as Satyamites and was wearing the Satyam tag displaying their esteem to others, and now due to this incidence most of the employees are feeling awkward to show the same Satyam tag in public.

In our country some many unpleasant incidents are happening, but still we are proudly says we are Indians, then why not for Satyam?

Proud to be a part of company, not only for Satyam every employee should proud of his company. If you commit a mistake then you can feel shy, if someone else does then why you? Think of it my friends.

I am not from Satyam. Think broadly, we are educated and knowledgeable persons.

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