Thursday, January 30, 2014

Putthadi bomma nivevaro..

Putthadi bomma nivevaro.. 
Pachhani chilaka nivevarao..
Indhradhanssulo ranguluni indhiravani ga marchinavarevaro..

Monday, January 27, 2014

Company stratigies.. Saradha ga vunna edi Nizam.. kaadha?

Enti bhava emi company ?
Enka Ade thinking... Ave strategies.. Elanti companies marava..

Employee ni Retain cheyidaniki Salary penchadam tappu kaadu..
But Ekkuva salary evvali ani Role change cheyidam correct kaaduga..
Position e kada este emundi, Resource ekkade padi vuntadu anukunte, vadu tappa migatha team members Resign chesi potharu..

Pani ranivadiki pettanam este ... ... ani

Exp. team members lekapothe Hire chesukovali.. Soap vese prathivadiki positions echhi company reputation, Team members ego chedagottakoodadhu  ga..

Lead/Manager ki first technical/application knowledge lekapoina team ni ardham chesukune minimum common sense vundali ga..

Eappudu maaratharo e so called management mi company lo Bhava.. :)
Company elago maradhu.. Nuvvena maru mi company nunchi..

Btw, Lite Teesko.. :)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Happy Republic Day

Happy Republic Day.. 

We enjoy every right in theory, but not in practice.

It is a government OFF the people, FAR the people and BUY the people.

Even after more than sixty years of Independence, one forth of the population today goes to bed with an empty stomach, live below the poverty line without access to safe and clean drinking water, sanitation or proper health facilities. Governments have come and gone, politics have been framed and implemented, crores of rupees have been spent, yet many people are still struggling for existence.

IT zone still unsafe for women techies...

IT zone still unsafe for women techies...
Crime rate has gone in a jet speed..
Nobody takes responsibility other than ourselves..
So friends
- Start early from office or 
- Ask for Work From Home option or 
- Change your work style (timings or travel plan) or
- Change to other Project or company

If possible drop your collegues to thier home, dont leave to their way on night times..

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Regular Expressions -
Online regex tester that highlights pattern and matches on the fly.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Win 7 : Always open applications with Admin priviliges

Recently upgraded my system from XP to Win 7, thats a good news rite.. 

But everytime while opening regular applications like VS.NET, SQL Server, etc, it was causing annoyance to run them as Administrator.

So I followed below trick to open application as Administrator:
1. Right click on application's, go to Properties -> Compatibility Tab  -> Privilige level section -> Select checkbox, Run this program as Administrator - > Click OK.

Anthe, by default application will open with Administrator access.

What an Idea Sir'G :)