Thursday, November 10, 2016

Cloud strategies from leader

  1. Enterprise Architecture
  2. Multi-tenancy
  3. Billing Management and License Management
  4. Usage Reporting
  5. Threshold Management
  6. Middleware (BizTalk/Service Bus), BPM, Workflow, Rules Engine, In-Memory database, EA tools etc.
  7. Scheduling as a Service, Reporting as a Service, Analytics as a Service
  8. Storage strategy
  9. IAAS integration strategy & Capacity planning
  10. Security integration Strategy
  11. DR, Availability, Scalability, Elasticity
  12. Simian Army
  13. Public facing applications cloud strategy
  14. Self Service Strategy & Automation Strategy
  15. Provisioning – pay per use, Cloud platform production support
  16. Deployment, DevOps, Lower environments and related strategy
  17. Network Strategy, Network Isolation strategy
  18. Data Center Strategy
  19. Database as a Service strategy – Integration strategy
  20. Performance Management, Latency Benchmarking
  21. PAAS Upgrade strategy, Back up and recovery strategy, PAAS maintenance windows
  22. Virtualization strategy
  23. Re-Engineering strategy
  24. App. Rationalization Strategy
  25. Process optimization 

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