Thursday, May 19, 2016

Types of s/w licenses

Hi Guys,

When we work with any application(s), it  may have license, sometimes tools are of freeware with no license. To my knowledge, here are few types of license that are common.
1. Concurrent Licenses - Licenses that can be installed on any number of machines but can be used on a limited number of machines at any given point
2. Developer License -  Software that needs to be licensed by developer and the redistributable components can be deployed to any number of client/servers.
3. Evaluation - Trial license which may come with limited functionality or for a definite period of time
4. Free License - License that is available for free.
5. GNU License – General Public License is a free software license ensuring that the rights are preserved even when the software is copylefted.
6. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) - Software license that accompanies hardware
7. Site License -  Software that is licensed to a site.  The definition of the site can vary by vendor – physical location, city, etc.
8. Volume license or Enterprise Volume License  - A single license can be used on multiple systems depending on the purchased volume.

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