Monday, March 25, 2013

Your topic

Basically this topic is about Email etiquitte. nothing much to mention the words which they have given in the subject line..

Everyone knows about the topic, but try to throw a light again with etiquitte (or rules)

First talk what to do and then and then say what not to do.

1. Greetings for receipient

2. Msg to be brief and to the point, if needed with proper example

3. Shouldnt send any vital or private infomation

4. Dont use emotional sings to convey our feelings

5. Subject should be simple and understandable

6. list out to whom the email/msg to be sent for, others put in CC (or optional)

7. formatting is also important, not multi-color or multi-fonts until it is required

8. major issues or discussons or lengthy email, would be ideal to summarize it properly

9. Recepient salutation and our signature is important

10. provide contact no. (office ext.) to communicate to u if they want to have a personal discussion on the email u sent.

11. IMP - Try to think about courtesy at all times. Use words that are pleasing to the ears and avoid using words that may suggest command or threats.

12. message wuold be same but conventions should vary. developers knows technical terms but not the business try to convey with non-technical words for business persons.. depending on their tech knowlege, etc.

13. imp - use BCC only when required.. hiding persons but passing msgs is not a professional way..


1. avoid using offensive language and bias toward gender, race, or creed.

2. avoid red color, shows our angry on them

3. avoid CAPITAL letters, shows our irritation

4. do not use chatting terms or short terms except business teminology or TQ -thank you, bfn -bye for now..

5. lenghty notes to be avoided in email, rater send an document.

6. shold not point any region

7. subject should not be blank

8. dont ask acknowlege for all emails until it is urgent or mandatory.

9. do nt use words like hate, went-off, objectionable words..

**Though we complain or comment on others, write in a diplomatic way..

Should avoid offensive, racist or obscene things. it not only impacts personal repo but also affects on business

Simple examples to make everyone understand..

- if a team member is not working well then we wont blame the team except him.. similarly we shuldnt make any sentence on the region or group...

- no persnoal stmts on anyone, its just a business or work.. no matter of "hate" or "like" in terminology

- if u have any other examples in ur mind..

IMP- Sometimes in organization,we send some casual emails to our fellow mates, which consists of comics, pictures, cartoons, content from web, or other sources too.. for those emails also they should not contain anything against to gender, face, community, hate,creed etc.

Hope it helps for your discussion.

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