Friday, December 21, 2012

Load IIS configured web projects while IIS is not installed in your system

Hi Guys.. 

There could be situation where web applications would be created under IIS and while opening the projects if IIS is not configured or respective virtual directories are not created then we encounter with following error message:

The Web Application Project XXXXXXX is configured to use IIS. The IIS Web server is not installed on this computer.


1. If IIS is installed then create a virtual directory and reload the project.
2. If IIS is not installed in your system , then open the respective .csproj/.vbproj in notepad and modify an XML attribute. i.e. Modify from <IISUrl> to <CustomServerUrl>

<IISUrl> http://localhost/MyWebPrj</IISUrl>
<CustomServerUrl> http://localhost/MyWebPrj </CustomServerUrl>

Now, reload the project. From now on it will work through file system. i.e. http://localhost:xxxx/MyWebPrj

where xxxx = port no.

Hope it helps you.


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